Shift to Upfront Discounts for Electric Vehicles Explored by Professor Helveston

April 27, 2024

Electric vehicle stock image

In the article “You can now get a $7,500 upfront discount for buying an EV,” The Washington Post covered the switch from a tax credit to an upfront discount for Americans buying electric vehicles. To showcase the value of this discount, the author referenced a 2022 study led by Assistant Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering John Helveston and interviewed him for his insight on this topic.

Here is an excerpt from the article: “If you’re getting a tax credit, you still have to pay the full price and your monthly bill could be higher,” said John Helveston, the lead author of the study. “Even though you get that money later when you file your taxes, it doesn’t hit the same way as, ‘What’s my monthly payment going to be?’”

Read the full article in The Washington Post.