Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science & Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science & Technology

What is Applied Science and Technology?

Applied science and technology is a multidisciplinary program designed to give a student a broad knowledge base in the sciences and engineering combined with a more in-depth area of focus in another field. This is a broad engineering-oriented degree program, with a breadth of liberal arts, for students who intend to make their careers in fields allied to science, engineering and technology and/or continue their education toward professional careers in law, medicine, business, teaching, or the media. It is designed to help students pursue their goals in a world that relies more and more upon science and technology.

The program can be enhanced with a second major in either the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) or the Elliott School of International Affairs (ESIA). A second major in SEAS is also possible. A concentration in general business through the GW School of Business is also available.

GW also offers a five-year, two-degree program that combines a Bachelor of Arts degree in applied science and technology and a Master of Education in Secondary Education. The applied science and technology degree requires a strong concentration in chemistry, physics, or mathematics. The degree in secondary education provides eligibility for teacher licensure/certification and is offered through the GW Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD).

Career Paths

This program is ideal for students who are considering careers in areas other than engineering but want the breadth of engineering and science knowledge to set them apart. It also is ideal for those who are considering careers in such diverse areas as education, general science, law, public health, sales, technology management and more.

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