Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The department offers an ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering that provides a solid educational foundation for entry into the professional workforce or pursuit of graduate degrees, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Science and Technology.


B.S. in Systems Engineering 

The multidisciplinary field of systems engineering applies engineering techniques and mathematical methods to improve the planning and decision making in organizational systems composed of people, machines, materials, and procedures. Systems engineering finds application in many sectors, including communications, energy, environment, finance, health care, information technology, marketing, national defense, project management, software development, and transportation. Learn more.


B.A. in Applied Science and Technology

Applied science and technology is a multidisciplinary program designed to give a student a broad knowledge base in the sciences and engineering combined with a more in-depth area of focus in another field. This program is ideal for students who are considering interdisciplinary careers in areas other than engineering and want the breadth of engineering and science knowledge to set them apart. Learn more.


Combined Five-year Bachelor's/Master's Programs: All Students

The department offers a combined BS/MS five-year program for students from any SEAS major to complement their field’s technical BS with graduate studies in either systems engineering or engineering management. Such a master’s degree can accelerate graduates’ careers as they enter the workforce prepared to lead.


Undergraduate Minors

The department offers minors in systems engineering, operations research, data analytics for decisions, and engineering management. 



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