5-Year Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Degrees

The Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering offers a combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science five-year program for students wishing to achieve a Master’s degree at an accelerated pace. Students from any SEAS major may apply to our five-year MS programs

Benefits: Distinguish yourself in today’s job market as an engineer who is not only technically solid but also business savvy. Today, employers expect entry level engineers and computer scientists to spend much of their time working in teams, managing projects, and considering the big picture. Many are soon afforded opportunities to take on management responsibilities. Coursework in the EM or SE MS program will broaden your perspective on problem solving and teach you to incorporate project, people, and financial management into every technical design decision.  

Concept: Students will take 3 graduate level courses as technical electives during their undergraduate programs. These will be applied towards the MS degree in either Engineering Management or in Systems Engineering. After completing the BS degree, students will take 9 courses to complete their MS program. These 9 courses will usually be completed within one to one and a half years after graduation from the BS program. This is an accelerated program intended for full-time on-campus students who have excelled in their undergraduate programs.

During Your Undergraduate Program: Students interested in the program should declare their interest to the EMSE Department by submitting a form in the first semester of their junior year but no later than the first semester of their senior year. A 3.0 cumulative GPA is required for admission to the program.  Students will be required to select their degree option (Engineering Management or Systems Engineering), their focus area within their degree, and their three graduate level courses to be counted for both their BS and MS degree. For students pursuing a BS in Systems Engineering, the three graduate level courses taken as their EMSE Focus Area courses will satisfy the above requirement. Student in other SEAS majors will be required to take EMSS 6820 Program and Project Management plus two additional graduate level courses either from their home Department or from EMSE. These students should meet with an EMSE adviser for pre-approval of their course selection.

During Your Graduate Program: The EMSE MS consist of a 4-course common core, 4 required focus area courses, and 4 elective courses taken in consultation with the focus area adviser. These are described below. As students will enter the graduate portion having taken a different selection of courses for their undergraduate program, each student should meet with their EMSE adviser to plan out their graduate study.

Program Requirements:
To learn more about the 5-year programs and their requirements, please contact Professor Thomas Mazzuchi or the EMSE department.