Professor Ekundayo Shittu Named New Interim Department Chair

August 29, 2023

Ekundayo shittu

Congratulations to Professor Ekundayo Shittu on being named the new Interim Chair of the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE) Department! Professor Shittu brings a strong background in industrial engineering and operations research, business, and management fields, as well as a deep understanding of systems engineering principles and methodologies.

Professor Shittu has extensive experience leading and managing research teams, with a proven track record of successfully overseeing complex projects from conception to completion. Due to his excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, he can tackle challenges head-on and make data-driven decisions. His expertise lies in optimizing processes and resource allocation and implementing innovative strategies to improve efficiency and productivity in the energy and healthcare sectors.

The research projects he is currently working on can be categorized into three main buckets. The first bucket surrounds an examination of sustainability transitions with an emphasis on how innovations such as solar energy develop in policy-protected spaces before they enter socio-technical regimes dominated by incumbents. The theme of the second bucket is the resilience and reliability of energy systems in the context of higher penetration of renewable capacities. The final bucket is a potpourri of tangential projects that have captivated Professor Shittu’s interest, such as the study “AIRC Game Theory Application to DoD Intellectual Property (IP) Transactions.”

In the classroom, Professor Shittu is known for his enthusiastic teaching style that fuels the active learning communities of his classes. He is dedicated to educating the next generation of engineers through teaching and mentoring. One way in which he does so is through collaborating with them on his various research projects; for example, in his second research bucket, he is currently working with a Ph.D. student to unveil the interaction between the technologies, policies, and economics in the construction of resilience-oriented networked distributed energy resources. In 2023, Professor Shittu received the Trachtenberg Prize for Teaching in recognition of his exceptional teaching and commitment to student success.

Professor Shittu has previously served the EMSE Department as Director of Graduate and continues to serve as the faculty lead for the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Mid-Atlantic I-Corps Hub. He is adept at fostering a collaborative work environment, encouraging open communication, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement among colleagues.

As Interim Chair, Professor Shittu looks to continue the work of his predecessors and focus on promoting excellence, innovation, and collaboration. His goals are as follows:

  1. Maintain and improve the department’s academic standards while exploring ways to enhance our reputation both domestically and internationally,
  2. Facilitate collaboration not only within GW Engineering but also with the schools of business, public health, nursing, law, and other departments,
  3. Work with EMSE faculty to strengthen ties with industry partners to align research and educational programs with real-world needs,
  4. Foster an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel welcome and supported,
  5. Make conscious and concerted efforts to improve the student experience at GW,
  6. And encourage and support entrepreneurship initiatives among students and faculty.

“Being named EMSE’s Interim Department Chair is an honor that fills me with a profound sense of responsibility and excitement. It is a privilege to have the trust and confidence of my colleagues and superiors to lead the department during this transitional phase,” Professor Shittu stated. “While I understand the challenges that lie ahead, I am eager to embrace them with enthusiasm and dedication. This opportunity will allow me to contribute my passion and foster a collaborative environment where ideas can flourish, and initiatives can be realized. I am committed to maintaining the department’s excellence and guiding it toward further growth and success. With the support of my colleagues in the department, I look forward to making a positive impact.”