Elvin Yuzugullu

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Elvin Yuzugullu


Office Phone: (703) 310-8277

Dr. Yuzugullu teaches two graduate-level courses on energy (Energy Management; Analytical Tools in Energy Management), which examine the global energy landscape and trends; technologies and approaches (energy efficiency, renewable electricity, energy storage, alternative fuels, etc.); related policies; energy management of facilities; and a variety of practical tools and solutions.

  • D.Sc., Engineering Management & Systems Engineering (Major: Environmental & Energy Management), George Washington University, 2005
  • M.Sc., Civil Engineering (Major: Environmental Engineering), West Virginia University, 1998
  • B.Sc., Environmental Engineering, Yildiz Technical University (in Turkey), 1996
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Systems
  • Waste Management/Circular Economy
  • Sustainability
  • Multi-stakeholder Decision Making
  • Copywriting/Communications