Championing Sustainable Solutions to Address Food, Agriculture and Climate Change Issues

August 16, 2023

Caitlin Grady

GW Engineering is pleased to announce that Caitlin Grady, Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Assistant Professor, has been selected as a nonresident fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

The Council is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people to help shape the global future by becoming more knowledgeable and engaged in global affairs. Fellows collaborate with the Council to offer research, analysis, and commentary on areas such as US foreign policy and public opinion, global food security, and global cities. Grady’s global food and agriculture expertise will be brought in to inform policy conversations on these topics.

“In this new capacity, I’ll be aligning my efforts with the Council’s mission to devise and champion innovative, sustainable solutions for the pressing issues faced by our food and agricultural sectors amid climate change,” Grady stated.

Grady’s commitment to solving global environmental challenges has been present since the offset of her career. She previously held several federal government positions with agencies such as the House of Representatives, the Department of Energy, and the Department of State. In these roles, Grady worked on a myriad of issues, including agriculture, water and energy, and air quality. 

In 2017, Grady entered academia as an Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University before coming to GW in 2022. Her academic background and research expertise span a variety of engineering and policy domains across food, energy, and water systems. Grady feels the Council does a great job of translating research to policy and looks forward to bringing her expertise to this process.