Dr. Rachael Jonassen

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Dr. Rachael Jonassen


Office Phone: (703) 969-4714

Dr. Jonassen is an expert in climate change issues and the Director for Climate Change in the Environmental and Energy Management Institute. She has completed multiple national and international consulting assignments on climate change, energy, and water for government and corporate clients. These include full support for the development and implementation of the US federal GHG reporting program. At the US National Science Foundation, she managed the nation’s basic research programs in the carbon cycle, geomicrobiology, and coupled biogeochemical cycles, and served with multiple programs that assess climate impacts. She also coordinated international efforts in carbon cycle research for the US Global Change Research Program and helped manage the North American Carbon Program. Her academic research on climate change is reported in more than 70 professional papers, more than 100 professional talks, and in five scholarly books. Her service with NGOs includes developing standards and protocols related to climate change issues. She is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America.

Ph.D. Geology, The Pennsylvania State University, 1979

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Informing climate change policy with climate change science
  • Impacts of climate change on transportation systems
  • Planning for climate change in urban settings