David Broniatowski

david broniatowski

David Broniatowski

Associate Professor


Office Phone: (202) 994-3751
SEH 2700 | Office Hours: By appointment

Professor David Broniatowski conducts research in decision-making under risk, group decision-making, system architecture, and behavioral epidemiology. This research program draws upon a wide range of techniques including formal mathematical modeling, experimental design, automated text analysis and natural language processing, social and technical network analysis, and big data. Current projects include a text network analysis of transcripts from the US Food and Drug Administration's Circulatory Systems Advisory Panel meetings, a mathematical formalization of Fuzzy Trace Theory -- a leading theory of decision-making under risk, derivation of metrics for flexibility and controllability for complex engineered socio-technical systems, and using Twitter data to conduct surveillance of influenza infection and the resulting social response.

  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Crisis, Emergency, and Risk Management
  • Knowledge and Information Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Data Mining and Search
  • Design and Manufacturing of Mechanical and Aerospace Systems