With NSF Support, A Group of Tech and Policy Experts Teamed Up to Build More Trustworthy AI

May 5, 2023

UMD Professors Hal Dumé (Left) and Katie Shelton

Technical.ly highlighted the new National Science Foundation (NSF)-backed center, the Institute for Trustworthy AI in Law & Society (TRAILS), which is a joint effort between the University of Maryland (UMD), George Washington University (GWU), Morgan State University, and Cornell University. Together, TRAILS experts want to promote trust and lower risks with AI, as well as support public knowledge of the technology. 

“TRAILS will explore four main research pathways for better AI development: participatory AI; developing advanced machine learning to reflect stakeholder values; evaluating how the public makes sense of AI and user trust; and participatory governance and trust. The four thursts will be led by UMD’s Katie Shilton, UMD’s Tom Goldstein, GW’s David Broniatowski and GW’s Susan Ariel Aaronson, respectively.”

“With his thrust initiative, Broniatowski said his team will look at the current measures and algorithms available intended to promote trust in AI and boost transparency. But right now, he said, there’s little evaluation of what these measures actually do and whether or not they work. He thinks that what’s missing from the process is people with a deep understanding of human psychology measuring the technology. He and his team will therefore bring users in for user studies and structured evaluations on what these metrics mean for the public.”

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